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Famous Pacific Shipping Brand Rolled out in Indonesia

Press release – June 8th 2006

Following approval from the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation, PT. Internusa Hasta Buana, the Indonesian partner of Famous Pacific Shipping Group (FPS Group), is restructuring its business operations and introducing the FPS brand for some of the freight forwarding and logistics services that it offers to shippers.

Under its existing name, PT. Internusa Hasta Buana will continue to be responsible for the company's services to Project shippers, the military, as well as its domestic transportation and international airfreight forwarding activities.

From June, the new PT. FPS Indonesia subsidiary will become responsible for all other freight forwarding and logistics operations, with a particular focus on marketing the group's ocean freight forwarding services.

As a new company, PT. FPS Indonesia will be led by Mr Hendy Hendratmoko, as director, and Mr Iskandar Zulkarnain, as chairman. Staff from PT. Internusa Hasta Buana will be transferred to establish the new subsidiary, and the two will be closely integrated.

Commenting on the changes, Iskandar Zulkarnain said: “Restructuring our operations in Indonesia is an important step in clarifying the services we offer to customers.

“Since establishing the FPS brand in the early 1990s, the group has introduced the brand in a carefully managed fashion. Rolling-out the brand in key regional markets, such as Indonesia , is an excellent opportunity to enhance our credibility and standing and allows us to strengthen the brand internationally. It also provides immediate recognition for our services.”

The launch of PT. FPS Indonesia took place on April 30 th 2006 in Jakarta , to coincide with PT. Internusa's 15 th anniversary. The event was attended by over 1000 people, including FPS shareholders and group representatives from Singapore , China , New Zealand , Australia , Japan , The Philippines and Malaysia.

Famous Pacific Shipping's global network now includes 43 individual companies, from 22 different nations worldwide, working together under the FPS banner.

Concludes, Alvin Tan, Chairman of the FPS Group's Executive Committee: “Our development as a group over the past 10 years has been remarkable. Our main aim was to become a global operator, with representation in all of the world's major cargo gateways.

“Seeing our brand launched in one of South East Asia's most vibrant markets is very rewarding and demonstrates the commitment of PT. Internusa Hasta Buana, the long term partner of the FPS Group in Indonesia.

“Whilst there are still a few gaps in the network, we are able to offer global coverage and remain committed to recruiting additional members. New partnerships are vital to our ambitious growth plans in which our ever-expanding global network of services and partners is playing such an important part,” he added.


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