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Famous Pacific Shipping Targets Publishing Industry with Enhanced Transport Services

Press release – June 16th 2006

Leading logistics service operator, Famous Pacific Shipping is examining how to enhance and strengthen the freight transport and distribution services that it currently offers to the publishing industry worldwide.

Alvin Tan, Executive Chairman of FPS said: “The international publishing business is a major user of transport services and represents a significant proportion of cargo moving around the world.

“To date, the involvement of the FPS Group in this sector has mainly been through its Singapore and Hong Kong offices, both significant centres of book publishing and printing.

“However, with our strong international network of partners, offering a broad portfolio of competitive freight and logistics services, Famous Pacific is well-placed to meet the specific requirements of publishers, wherever they are, in delivering their products to customers or exhibitions.

“We recognise that it is a very competitive sector of the global freight market and can be very time sensitive, so we will aim to provide consistent, fast and reliable services individually designed as the cornerstone of our services to the publishing industry.

"Customers in this sector have exacting requirements and understandably so - there is intense competition in the High Street and the product can so easily be damaged. If books are delayed, with stores keeping limited stock, this could spell disaster for the supplier."

Whilst the majority of published material goes by sea, FPS is examining how a comprehensive system of regular airfreight shipments might be of use to those suppliers who need swift transport.

"Use of seafreight does reduce the transportation costs but it is not the answer for every supplier," commented Mr Tan. "Some suppliers need to use airfreight to give them an advantage in gaining higher market share by distributing publications at the earliest opportunity in their markets.”

FPS will also investigate how it can build on its existing experience in this sector to increase its overall market share over the next few years.

”We are working out how best to firm-up our plans to offer publishers a full range of value added logistical operations including storage and breakbulk operations; pick and pack and bar-coding. Our intention is to create services that will give clients multimodal flexibility, allied with local market knowledge. All of which will allow us to closely monitor printed materials that are in transit. “

The company will also seek to identify the best means to offer full fiscal representation, market intelligence and assistance in product purchase and sales, including all documentation, on a global basis.

Adds Mr Tan: “The comprehensive support services that we will offer will help shippers in the publishing industry to move printed materials from origin through to final destination. When it comes to book shipping, we will be looking at the best means by which we can offer service from cover to cover!”


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