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Sealane Shipping & Trading Company Limited

Dear Clearing & Forwarding Agents

We would like to caution you, that you  be extremely wary if you  are  approached for business co-operations by a company in Tema, Ghana  called "Sealane Shipping & Trading Company Limited".  Under no circumstances do we suggest that you deal with this agent, as they have proven on a continual basis that they do not operate a financially stable or ethical shipping practice.

The two people that may contact you are Richard Koomson, the CEO (richard@slshipping.com) or Philip Richter (prichter@slshipping.com) who handles their accounts.

Their full style address is as follows:

P.O. Box BT 93, Hotel Westgate, 1st Floor 60 Vertical Plaza,
Community 6 Tema, Ghana West Africa
Web: www.slshipping.com

They offer to handle shipments on  a freight-collect basis  and  offer rebates on FCL  and g roupage traffic , but do not settle their overseas accounts.

This company's details have been handed to  GIFF, the  Ghana  Institute  of Freight Forwarders, who are presently handling the case of our company  for  non-payment and outstanding releases at destination.

We feel that it is in the best interest of all agents out there to be warned against these type of companies in Africa .  We trust that should you have any dealings with any company out there that is not ethical or financially secure,  that you keep us informed as well.    We would appreciate sharing of such knowledge amongst  one another.


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