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Thoughts in Jeopardy

Larne Neuland, the well-known inspirational speaker on life skills, and writer of the best seller "How to Win when life is Unfair" - got first hand experience of the 'positive outcomes thinking' which her book expounds upon when she decided to design and import a shipment of toy 'thoughts' from a soft toy manufacturer in Hong Kong. 

Mrs Neuland contacted Famous Pacific Shipping South Africa to clear the goods through customs when they arrived in Cape Town, liaising with a specific employee of the shipping company.  "I urgently needed the toys as they form a vital part of my new book 'Let's take a Peek at our Thoughts', which teaches children positive thinking skills," said Neuland.

So she transferred the money electronically into the bank account stipulated on the invoice she had received from the Cape Town employee.  But soon afterwards, she received a call from the owner of the company, Ms Jacqui Etschmaier, relaying the news that the employee in Cape Town had been suspended pending an investigation into irregularities at the Cape Town branch and that the invoice she had been sent was fraudulent.  The payment had been paid directly into the employee's private bank account. 

Ms Neuland's fears that she would be facing a lengthy battle to obtain her 'thought' toys, turned to cheers when Ms. Etschmaier advised that FPS would honour the payment and ensure that the toy 'thoughts' were delivered to the stipulated address.  "My company has a mission to ensure integrity within our organization at all times and this together with service excellence is of great priority to the name of my company.  Why should our customer suffer? I'm determined to ignore the general feeling of apathy so often found in South Africa and have laid charges of fraud against the employee. Of course, we have honoured all undertakings by our company to ensure that Ms Neuland receives her toy 'thoughts' in time and in good order."

Ms Neuland, who had positive expectations of winning this challenge of unfairness, is pleased to announce that her shipment of toy 'thoughts' are willing, able and experienced tools, ready to demonstrate 'How to Win when Life is Unfair'.  When combined with attitudes demonstrated by Ms. Etschmaier's company, women in business are creating an attitude of non-apathy and zero tolerance.  They refuse to be losers.  Says Ms Neuland and Ms Etschmaier: "We South Africans can and will overcome crime in South Africa.  



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